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MVP Benchmark

Since 1994, PPG has brought together over 2000 collision centers to benchmark their performance and identify procedures and practices that best contribute to productive shop performance. Check out the summary of services below and contact SAVES for more information on this great program.

* Development of Business Plans
* Assessment of Operation Objectives
* Seminars on Body Shop Production Planning
* Seminars on Production Procedures and Methods
* Implementation of Business Plans
* Layout, Design and Remodeling of Existing Repair Facilities
* Equipment Purchase Recommendations
* Technical Assistance on Project Management Encompassing Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Equipment Installation and Start-up
* Research and Assessment of Production Equipment and Repair Materials

MVP and It's Benchmarking Approach

The MVP Benchmark Report offers a detailed, confidential evaluation of how your shop measures up in areas critical to a body shop's overall performance. To assure validity, the benchmarking process compares your organization to other top-performing shops with comparable sales volume and other specific criteria. Reports can be provided quarterly, semi-annually or as often as you deem necessary

Each benchmarking module identifies key performance indicators or "best practices" to provide a "real world" analysis of how your shop is performing in each critical area. The best practices profiled for each module enables you to see exactly where improvement is needed. In essence, the report's major benchmark findings paint a roadmap for developing an action plan to make your shop into a continual top performer.

Benchmark Report key content includes:

* Executive Summary - summarizes development needs with high impact potential
* Production Analysis - measurements of production efficiency with comparisons to average and top shops and best practices.
* Finance Analysis - key financial measurements along with peer group comparisons, your shop's potential and best practices.
* Administration - measures key indicators of administrative efficiency along with best practices
* Marketing - provides Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) measurement with comparisons and profile of how customers learned about the shop, including top shop best practices.
* Personnel - measures optimal staffing levels along with best practices to maintain a productive work force.
* Training Supplement - outlines training schedule for all MVP Management Training Series classes.

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